Ryan Hardwick

Age: 38
October 3, 1980
Knoxville, TN
Atlanta, GA
Childhood racing hero:
Jeremy McGrath (Supercross)
Favorite track: Watkins Glen
Marital Status:
Married to Whitney 13 years
Cannon (6), Ledger (1)
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future
Favorite Band: 
Pearl Jam
Favorite TV Show: 
I only watch racing and other sports
Favorite Website: 
Favorite Phone App: 

  • Began his racing career in motocross as a teenager
  • Graduated to a successful career in jetski racing
  • Began racing in 2017 in the North American Super Trofeo Series.
  • Clinched both the North American and World Super Trofeo AM titles in 2018.
  • Joined Paul Miller Racing in 2019.

This or That?

Aisle or Window: AISLE
Dog or Cat: DOG
Cookies or Cake: BOTH
Pancakes or Waffles: PANCAKE
Tea or Coffee: COFFEE
Morning or Evening: EVENING
Text message or Call: DEPENDS
Summer or Winter: SUMMER
Beach or Mountains: MOUNTAINS
Book or Movie: MOVIE
Comedy or Horror: COMEDY

Hamburgers or Hot Dogs: HAMBURGERS
Wet or Dry Race: DRY
Race or Qualifying: RACE
Singing or Dancing:: NEITHER
Superman or Batman: BATMAN
Football or Baseball: FOOTBALL
Gold or Silver: GOLD
Fruits or Vegetables: VEGETABLES
Books or Magazines: MAGAZINES
E-reader or Book: BOOK
Ketchup or Mustard: MUSTARD

Skiing or Snowboarding: SNOWBOARD
Sweet or salty: BOTH
Steak or chicken: STEAK
Breakfast or Dinner: DINNER
TV Shows or Movies: MOVIES
Comedy or Drama: COMEDY
Too hot or Too cold: TOO HOT
Pasta or Pizza: PASTA
DC or Marvel: DC
Apple or Android: APPLE
Star Wars or Star Trek: STAR WARS