Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo

Body and chassis

CHASSIS: Hybrid chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber
BODY: Carbon composite external panels with quick-fixing system (Dzust)
AERODYNAMICS: Manually adjustable rear wing
SAFETY EQUIPMENT: FIA Spec Roll-cage, carbon fiber racing seat FIA 8862 Spec, 7 pts fire extinguisher, Roof hatch system suspensions


FRONT SUSPENSION: Double wishbones with uniball
REAR SUSPENSION: Double wishbones with uniball
DAMPERS: 4 way Ohlins TTX 36
ANTI ROLL BAR: Front and rear 3 ways adjustable

Engine Capacity (cc)


Compression Ratio


WHEELS: Front 12×18” ET45.65, rear 13×18” ET37.85
TIRES: Michelin, front 325/680-18 DHD, rear 325/705-18 DHD


ENGINE TYPE: 10 cylinders engine (90° V angle) naturally aspirated, gasoline direct injection IDS, dry sump lubrication
BORE AND STROKE: 84,5 x 92,9 mm
REV LIMITER: Adjustable
ECU AND TCU MANAGEMENT: Bosch Motorsport MS6.4

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Dry weight (kg)

Braking system and steering

FRONT BRAKES: Steel Brembo / Tm Racing 380×34 mm discs, 6-pistons monoblock caliper, supplementary air cooling for discs and caliper
REAR BRAKES: Steel Brembo / Tm 355×32 mm discs, 4-pistons monoblock caliper, supplementary air cooling for discs
ABS: Bosch Motorsport M5 adjustable in 12 positions through the steering wheel
STEERING: ZF Hydraulic power steering, multifunction steering wheel, dashboard Bosch Motorsport


DRIVE TYPE: Rear-wheel drive with mechanical differential lock, traction control Bosch Motorsport adjustable in 10 positions through the steering wheel
GEARBOX: 6-speed sequential gearbox by Hör, pneumatically controlled, 3 discs racing clutch hydraulically controlled with paddles on steering wheel, lightweight flywheel

Wheelbase (mm)

Front track (mm)

Rear track (mm)


LENGTH: 4551 mm
WIDTH: 2221 mm (Side mirrors included)
WHEELBASE: 2648 mm
FRONT TRACK: 1700 mm
REAR TRACK: 1660 m


DRY WEIGHT: 1230 kg
FUEL TANK: 120 liters, FT3 Spec

Steering Wheel

1: Timer: to activate and deactivate a lap timer for pitlane
2: Drink: to activate the drinking system
3: Alarm: to reset the board computer’s messages
4: On-off: engine start/stop
5: Limiter: to manage the pit limiter entering and exiting pitlane
6: Wiper: to activate the wipers
7: Radio: communications between driver and pit wall
8: Light: high beam flashing to overtake slower cars
9: TC: knob to set 10 different traction control maps
10: Left: light indicator
11: Page: knob to scroll the board computer’s menu pages on TFT display
12: Right: light indicator
13: ABS: knob to set 10 different ABS maps