(January 30, 2010) — Miller Barrett Racing enjoyed a strong start to the Rolex 24 At Daytona. Bryce Miller of Summit, N.J., started the No. 48 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car from 13th on the GT grid, but quickly moved up to fifth in class, despite heavy rain. He stopped for tires and fuel, but stayed in the top 10 for the rest of his stint. Kevin Roush of Upland, Calif., drove the second double stint, taking over at 1h42. Hits from both a prototype and a GT car affected the car’s alignment and dropped it back to 15th, but Roush regained four positions before handing off to Luke Hines of Essex, England, at 3h49. Hines also encountered trouble – a left-front tire puncture. He pitted at 5h30 for a driver change to Peter Ludwig of New Paltz, N.Y. He was 13th at the six-hour mark.

GT class race position

start             6h             12h          18h          24h
13                 13

GT class race report

time         driver             action
start          Miller
53m          Miller              pit – four rain tires, fuel
1h42         change            pit – Roush in, four dry tires, fuel
2h35         Roush             hit by prototype
2h49         Roush             pit – four tires, fuel
3h08         Roush             hit by GT car
3h49         change            pit – Hines in, four tires, fuel
4h48         Hines              pit – four tires, fuel
5h30         Hines              left front tire puncture
change            pit – Ludwig in, four tires, fuel

Luke Hines:  “We struggled a little bit with the toe in the back end when the car was knocked in the back. It made it hard for me – every time I braked, it started. I was struggling to keep it on the track more than anything. But I’m happy I’ve got the monkey off my back now. We’ll push on. The team’s now got the back end stable so it should be good.”

Kevin Roush:  “The team’s done a good job getting the car back in shape. They made a few adjustments and hopefully got it going straight. The bad news is our position has been exacerbated by three times when we pitted, the yellow [caution] came out within one or two laps, so we’ve lost three laps under yellows in a row. We’re going to have to get lucky on some yellows and play some strategy to get back in there.”


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